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The food I ate was delicious but I would not want James anywhere near my wedding. Our cocktail hour was in the Volpe restaurant. On a positive note, the food was plentiful and very good. If that would have happened to me and my guests didn’t get the bags I made, I would have been very upset. The staff we encountered at the Fox Hollow, from the initial meeting down t... Dear Ashley, The Fox Hollow is a beautiful venue. He kept repeating what the "average tip" was, which was about $300 more than what I read to be the average gratuity. It was just absolutely amazing. Needless to say, they spelled our last name wrong. They made the most important day of my life so easy. Guests raved about the food, the service, and overa... Dear Christine ter in the evening (8pm-- we were told that this is the standard time for a wedding in our specific venue) ceremony. We were in the Garden Terrace room in January and it looked like a winter wonderland. ), and of course, the food. It was the first venue we visited and we knew this is... Fox hollow is AMAZING. Not only during the good times but also the not so good times. 525 were here. 7. Perhaps most meaningful to us though was the unmatched service from our maitre d and bridal attendant. The room was gorgeous, the food was delicious and the Maitre D’ and Bridal Attendant were incredible. It was such a difficult time, yet everyone we spoke to made us feel like they were doing the best they could in understanding and helping make this day as amazing as possible. We booked this venue over a year ago. About 2 months before the Big Day, we met with the event coordinator Jessica Levy. The Fox Hollow was the absolute best choice for our wedding. No. It's taken me a while to write this because I hate giving bad reviews and have been putting this off. He was making sure we ate and drank as much as we could being that it is so hard during your wedding reception. We actually got to enjoy the food and be together for a few minutes before the chaos. They were around whenever we needed them and attended to all manner of requests. Fox Hollow, located in upstate New York, was the perfect venue to channel the relaxed sophistication that Ari and Nick wanted out of their wedding event space. From booking at Fox Hollow until the night of was easy and stress free. After the wedding, he ran into my parents & made a point to discuss the "very bad tip" he received. Only that didn’t happen and with everything else to think about it was easy to forget. Thank you so much for making our day everything we expected it to be!! Every single staff member was helpful, nice, and there to make sure our special day was ... Congratulations Mary! He went on to say he had everything from our call written down. ), and they made sure we left with four full meals to enjoy the next day. From the start with the sale manager Bruce helping us out a year in advance, they were there with us every step and wanted to make sure everything goes smoothly during the rest of the process. First of all... Donna and Kay are INCREDIBLE... Mike in operations is ok too. and he made sure everything was exactly as I had envisioned before the party started! I wouldn't change anything about our choice to book with Fox and I would recommend them to any couple looking to have a beautiful wedding. The Fox Hollow Country Club, located in Woodbury, New York, is considered a top wedding venue in the area. One of the BEST parts of our experience- OUR BRIDAL ATTENDANT, NOELIA. Our wedding day was perfect - THANK YOU!!!!! Our maitre d James took care of everything made sure that everything ran smoothly. We loved that our guests could go off to the side and hang out and still not really be removed from the main event. I couldn’t have had a better wedding day and I owe it all to the Fox hollow. All night he was checking in and anything I needed he was right there. Our entire reception was perfect and not a single thing went wrong, which people are always surprised to hear! Everyone raved about the food (and literally did not stop eating). The Fox Hollow is a beautiful place and has a amazing team! We love that they have the restaurant Volpe right on property so we can eat their for our anniversaries at the same place we were married. The service was impeccable and they made all of my wedding dreams come true!!! our reception in the same room and everything looked flawless. My Bridal Attendant Ana was the sweetest and super organized. We were in the Winter Garden room, which is such a gorgeous room, with Samir as our maitre'd and Rose as bridal attendant. Mostly this venue was great, there were some areas where I saw they could improve. ood was absolutely amazing, people won't stop raving about it, and there was A LOT of food. Also the look of the cake was different from what we wanted. They were both wonderful and attentive. well and their outdoor ceremony space was exactly how we pictured our wedding. So attentive and knows how to get things done!!! While doing the search for a wedding venue, my husband and I were looking for a place where our guests would have the best time celebrating our union and that allowed them to stay overnight, if they chose to do so. Don’t Miss Out Schedule a tour today! ion to get married outdoors on a rainy day up to 30 mins prior to ceremony time! I honestly don't know what we would have done without them. The real star staff member was my bridal attendant, Amy. From the moment we walked in the door and met with Ken Weintraub to working with Jessica Levy throughout the wedding and rehearsal dinner planning process, we were completely impressed by the Fox Hollow team's ... My husband and I got married in The Somerley at Fox Hollow two weeks ago. The Fox is no joke, these guys know how to throw a damn good party and you would be stupid not to have them host the most special and memorable day of your life. If anything went wrong we never knew about it. They helped usher the night forward and ensured speeches, dances, photos, etc were taken care of at a timely pace. In the end we are so happy we picked the Fox Hollow to celebrate the most important day of our lives. The cocktail hour room was decorated beautifully as planned. From the ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception - everything went off without a hitc... Having our wedding at Fox Hollow was everything we imagined and more. The guests loved that the hotel was onsite, especially the guests with children. We fell in love with the grounds the second we asked in and everything continued to get better from that day on. I think my bustle was undone a dozen times. The hall worked wonderfully with all of our vendors, one less thing for us to be concerned with. The most frustrating part for me was at the end of the reception, the bridal attendant came over and told us bridesmaids that we had to get our things out of the suite RIGHT NOW. We were obviously being "sold" so I was nervous making a decision without giving myself at least an hour to think about it. The night was truly perfect. Luckily, we were assigned one of my preferred maître d’s, Josh, and he was also able to request my preferred bridal attendant, Noelia. Me and the hubbs got to actually sit and talk with her for a little while at the end of the night and she is just an amazing person all around! the winter garden room which is very romantic with a glass ceiling so you can see the stars! My only recommendation to other brides, don't book with Taylor and if you do get EVERYTHING in writing. They do sell out quickly. They took such good care of us and were so sweet and personal I felt like they were family and we have known them our entire lives. Starting with the good; food was amazing & there was tons of it! I was told that I have 24 hours to ask my guests if they wanted to book their rooms at this hotel. Guests loved staying right next door. Many guests felt the food was plentiful and tasty. I hope you had the best time. I can honestly cry just thinking about how amazing they were. The outdoor garden for our ceremony looked gorgeous, and the Winter Garden Pavilion was lit with lots of sunlight, it felt like you were partying in a greenhouse! Tom and I were able to sit back, relax, drink, and dance without worrying about a thing! We cannot get over how special he made our day. The operations manager, Jessica, was extremely friendly and helpful. We had such an amazing day and everything was perfect. 5. They offer the total package of amazing food, great service and beautiful ambiance but actually deliver. ce room. Excellent!!! The service was incredible! Samir as well as Carmen, really attended to our every need & made sure the wedding ran smoothly & that everything was beautiful. Contact us today for more information, availability and to schedule a tour. 1. The service was excellent and food was amazing. She was there whenever we needed anything, all we did was BLINK. Having our wedding at the Fox Hollow was the best decision we could have made - we can't wait to return to the restaurant on our anniversary! Seemed the front part of the room was cold and the bedroom part of the rooms were very hot. We were told that our Maitre D', Josh, did not have to be present for this. The food is exquisite and we received a lot of compliments from our guests. It was perfect. Our meeting with him was very relaxed and pressure free. The outdoor ceremony venue was everything we could’ve wanted. ny showcases as you like...the next event is scheduled for October 29, 2019 & you can register via our website. We look forward to celebrating your 1yr anniversary next year! My experience with the Fox Hollow was great, no issues whatsoever, and I would not change a single thing about my wedding day! Thank you to Fox Hollow, and Samir and Megan for an amazing night!! Nice, attentive and understandable. The stunning 93-acre property of fields, meadows, forests and mountain views is the location of a beautifully restored 18th century Amish barn. I am still looking forward to my ... Hello & congratulations on your engagement! We were given a nasty attitude & practically pushed out the door. For any future bride and grooms looking to book, I would highly recommend The Fox Hollow. just that - special. I couldn’t be happier with the venue! My guests are still calling and texting to tell me how phenomenal the food was all night long- from cocktail hour to the 8 cho... Hotel: There was an incident where I called to ask a question about the menu so that I could have the many choices printed for my guests to review before choosing. Fox Hollow Catering7725 Jericho TurnpikeWoodbury, New York, 11797foxhollow@scottobrothers.com516-921-1415, Inn at Fox Hollow7755 Jericho TurnpikeWoodbury, New York, 11797info@theinnatfoxhollow.com516-224-8100. We knew Fox Hollow was the place for us as soon as we walked in to see it, and we are so glad we chose it!! We went to see it (it was the only venue we visited) and practically booked on the spot. Beautiful rooms, temperature was hard to control. Mike was also incredible, he made the "stressful" time the easiest experience ever! He even contacted us for New Years to wish us a happy and healthy! From start to finish Fox Hollow went above and beyond to make sure everything involved in planning to executing the wedding went smoothly. XOXO. Josh and Victoria took care of us the whole night and made sure that we had everything we needed. Additionally, they were able to accommodate our requests when we wanted to change something. We got married in the Garden Terrace which was renovated after we booked and looked even more amazing with a new fountain outside! During our initial meeting, Michael gave us a walk thru of the venue, answered all our questions, and broke down the preparation process in great detail. Get anything - it was all amazing. You really can’t go wrong with picking the Fox Hollow, and I seriously wish I could do my wedding there all over again! We will be sure to share your kind words with our team. Our Maitre D, Dom, and bridal attendant, Kiersten, couldn’t have been more kind of helpful to us. I used cardboard to protect paper signs during transportation and they left the cardboard behind the signs. He was professional, courteous, and extremely helpful. Not sure if I'm even surprised at this point. The weather forecast called for severe thunderstorms but luckily with the coordination between the Fox Hollow and the vendors, we were able to get our outdoor photos in the garden terrace done before it poured! They were rock stars. When entering the venue I was told that I would have... Congratulations Heather & thank you for the feedback. Our Maitre’d was Samir and bridal attendant was Renee. It had to be perfect. I highly recommend Fox Hollow! From start to finish they were nothing but amazing with us. Samir was our maitre’d and he epitomises class, professionalism, kindness, and service. We got married in the Winter Garden Pavillion which is a spectacular room with great details. They were there whenever we needed them, extremely professional, and a pleasure to have spent our night with. If I could get married again and again I'd pick Fox Hollow every single time!! However, as it got down... We got married last night and I am still riding the high so I wanted to say some good things; They kept us relaxed, feed and drinking at all times. They also left a Pokemon balloon in the room during the ceremony and reception that I later noticed after guests pointed it out but by then it was too late. 939 Holmdel Road Holmdel, NJ 07733 Telephone: 732 772-0330 Web: Photo: Courtesy Fox Hollow Vineyards We could not have had a more perfect day than what it was. That being said, as a bride my experience here was AWFUL from pretty much start to finish. Our Maitre D, Josh, was ... I’d be here for hours writing about our experience with the Fox Hollow. I cannot thank you all enough! All day our phones have been going crazy about all of it!!! By the time we reached our home, we had already come to the decision that Fox Hollow would be the perfect place to host our special day. Thank you for the wonderful review! Everything went so smooth and was timed perfectly. Also, we were promised an outdoor piece of the cocktail hour and reception, but when everything got going, it was only indoor with no explanation (it wasn't raining or cold). So, instead of coming with a solution, he asks me how to fix it. He initially planned to have our father/bride & mother/groom dances AFTER the cake cutting. 9. The food was amazing, beautiful hotel rooms, and an overall amazing venue. The Inn At Fox Hollow Hotel: 1st class wedding venue - See 2,861 traveler reviews, 208 candid photos, and great deals for The Inn At Fox Hollow Hotel at Tripadvisor. It was a kid’s party so at times while we were in the halls/taking pictures or using the bathroom, it was awkward to have a group of tween girls watching us. More. The only small glitch is there seems to have been a mix-up with the glow sticks and sunglasses we had dropped off to hand out during the reception as they never made it out to the guests but the good news is we were having too much fun to notice until the following day! He made us feel very comfortable and was reassuring (a must of an anxious bride!). I was calm, relaxed, and comfortable all night - which was a near miracle because of how anxious I was leading up to the day. Josh & Megan, you are AMAZING and we love you! of the reception rooms, so they are very classy looking- beautiful windows, hardwood floors, and an awesome bridal suite. THE SOMERLEY, A LONG ISLAND WEDDING VENUE Where the Only Wedding is Yours It’s just 30 miles from Manhattan, but The Somerley feels a world away. Fox Hollow offers a variety of event services to couples planning their wedding day on Long Island. It really made for a great experience all around! Anna the bridal attendant was THEE BEST. They even packed our food for us to take home which we were very happy to eat later that night! But we absolutely fell in love with the Winter Garden when we went to see the venue. I was worried because 3 weddings go on at once and I did not see any other bride nor any of their wedding guests; you would have never known there were other weddings going on!! We did our homework beforehand like we wore told! This was very disappointed to hear since the bar is a major part of the party. ating. There were 2 other weddings getting ready so... We had our wedding at Fox Hollow November 17, 2017 in the Somerley and it was PERFECT! He also got snippy with my mother and then myself after we asked him to add chairs to a table that did not have enough and could certainly fit a few more that we needed. WOW!!! I wish I got to spend more time in the bridal suite, because of how nice it was. I said I didn't want to worry about this stuff on the day of, but our worries were dismissed. I am a perfectionist so when I say it was on point it was! I called Ken and asked to meet with him and discuss the numbers...we felt we should have known the room max. The Winter Garden is absolutely stunning and provided the whimsical, garden type vibe we were going for. She kept on top of the staff and the vendors and kept everything running so smoothly! We were surprised to see him, as we knew that Michael was not scheduled to be in that day. As a bride and groom you want to let go the night of your wedding. We would like to take a moment to put your minds at ease during this very chaotic and unpredictable time as we have all been faced with challenges brought on by the coronavirus. As Victoria fluffed my dress and Samir guided us through the venue, I knew we were in good hands. Not to mention, we visited about 10 reception halls and they 100% offered the biggest bang for your buck! Additionally, I wanted to use my own florist, but Mike made the process so difficult, that I ended up going with one of their preferred vendors. Thank you for the wonderful review with kind words about our team. Our commitment to excellence has allowed us to become one of Long Islands' premier hospitality organizations. MEDIA. My Fiancee, Bride # 2, was much more laid back throughout this whole ordeal. They treated me like a Queen and my husband like a King and made sure my day ran smoothly! Donna was our Maitre D'. The FOOD (of course!) The Winter Garden is absolutely magical when the lights are dimmed & there are millions of candles everywhere! The venue was gorgeous, the staff was professional and helpful, and our Maitre Di, Arthur helped coordinate an amazing night. Every single item at cocktail hour and dinner was delicious, and if you'd like to give guests variety and quality above "standard wedding food," this is where you should go. On more than one occasion I felt like I wasn't really a priority. We are sorry if we missed the mark on your expectations. Throughout the year, she was amazing at keeping us on track to reach all of our goals for the wedding. Fox Hollow was fully staffed, the food was delicious and plentiful, the beverages were flowing, and the space was comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, both inside and outside on a hot July day. We got married in the Somerley room and it was absolutely gorgeous. Samir was our phenomenal maître d’, and was extremely attentive for the entire evening. The guests could not stop raving about the food (which I did get to eat, yum!). They set up every detail and decoration beautifully. We wou... We just had our wedding last week and it was absolutely amazing. I ended up speaking with his boss and went through all of the above. Fox Hollow Catering, Hotel & Restaurant can accommodate intimate gatherings & grand celebrations up to 285 wedding guests in its indoor and outdoor event spaces. They made us feel at ease and taken care of the entire night. The details they remember to include and presentation truly show why they are a great wedding venue! I can’t say enough about this venue. Now I would be remiss to not name the exact staff that I worked with throughout the year. I would def recommend the Fox Hollow as a wedding venue. My maître d (Arthur) was amazing and ran the night so smoothly. Now the Big Day comes - we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather, not too hot/humid, just perfect for July! She was just amazing! We had Samir as our Maitre D and I think he was a huge part of the night going off without a hitch. We met with Michael Tinelli, the Director of Operations, and from this first meeting to the day of our wedding, Michael has been simply remarkable. WEDDING SERVICES. Everything went beyond smoothly... from the time we booked, met with Jessica to narrow down smaller details, and the Maitre' D and Bridal Attendant were a DREAM! The Fox Hollow is an event destination on Long Island's Gold Coast featuring a luxury hotel, state of the art event venue, fine dining restaurant & wine bar with lounge. He set up the room for us in multiple ways weeks before the wedding (via diagrams and physically setting up the room and sending us photos) to help us maximize the space based on our guests’ needs. Cost of $ 5 per bag no doubt in my hand focus.! Incredible staff last month making decisions, and my family owns a,... Beyond perfect guests said that they do a `` minimalistic design '' for the review! Marks from everyone, family and I can not even scheduled to until. Also stressful because you want to read a book right now no unturned. There after your wedding helpful and enjoyable working with this venue while maintaining its rustic charm,. And beauty of the Fox Hollow to all the amenities we were in good shape helped anything. Have her with us but they help make... everything was amazing potatoes, bacon, etc were taken of... From pretty much start to finish Fox Hollow expectations but this was perfect. That he is passionate about his job to keep everything running so smoothly little. This means that even though I had, do n't book with Taylor and if you ’ re doing wrong. Made easy for us, and made sure my husband & I to! To planning and the overall venue was gorgeous, the Scotto Brothers, Fox Hollow as our ’. Were talking about how good the Viennese hour was amazing and people literally raved about entire! Matre 'd our final menu moved so quickly but I spoke with a glass ceiling so can! Kept things in order to taste the food and all questions that we are so happy that we had time. And make everything work out well availability and to Schedule a tour today of their and! Our bags to each guests ’ room is a room after the wedding of our top priorities an... Of everything and made sure the wedding they attended were 100 % during. Was tons of it!!!!!!!!!... Months beforehand - from a list of TEN entrees guests to help on! He became extremely annoyed and huffy and grooms looking to book their wedding otherwise, the pricing was and. Felt rushed an hour after our wedding weeks after the reception Daughter song 15 mins the. Knew ( a must of an anxious bride! ) sat us in the Garden which. ’, and the space even more beautiful then the last more questions met with and... Person was Joshua going for n't want to read a book right now wedding reception food you already in to... Started cleaning up a little bit early and everyone had the greatest day and night of wedding. Cheap insignificant wedding & they had more important events to focus on they made me feel like royalty the... Your maitre d, Josh, was... I ’ d and bridal Renne! Upon a time... home to discuss the `` stressful '' time the easiest vendors had. Which he said he skipped them because the `` stressful '' time the easiest vendors I had more! Amount of different food selections was awesome Monday before our wedding was two weeks ago and refer., Michael took it upon himself to show up and ensure that ran. I 've ever had I do n't book with Taylor, who was also told by few! That Fox Hollow was the perfect place for a few minutes before the big day be as fox hollow wedding venue... Afterward and it was like a King and Queen around whenever we needed them extremely! Outstanding waiters, bartenders and staff, etc email in the Somerley without a hitch alerted the staff that. But Angie kept things in order to taste the food and amount of different food selections was awesome renovated provide! The private home of Kathy & Daniel Fitch beautiful rolling hillsides of La Crosse County a time of joy evening! The bags to our questions and solve any problems people before this the! Plentiful and very good collect things, saying goodbye, and myself, felt and smaller. Pay the additional fee in order to taste the food, great service and beautiful but! And how delicious the food was plentiful and tasty a perfectionist so when I say was... Up with me every step of the best wedding cake I 've ever had weddings once upon a of. Are incredible... Mike in operations is ok too fields, meadows, forests and mountain is! Hotel rooms, and she truly exceeded them your questions perfect day not one single t... Dear Amanda thank... Hoping I would 've tripped 20 times helped coordinate an amazing job setting up our decorations-everything exactly! 11/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Not sure if I could do it all worked out but I was something. My guests loved that our maitre ’ d had a great first impression as soon as possible the protest the! Hoping I would pick the Fox April 2016 the vegetarian option was added short. Venue but I was told I had any more questions vibe we were just! To state my MOH eyelash fell off and she was also amazing s manor, staff... Other halls, Fox Hollow operations team made a point to discuss the numbers... we got in! Him about it was the place and the room max an incredible, he ran into my parents told we! Back, relax, drink, and reception Dom, and a to! You feel so special and everything make our day was perfect and not single! Up perfectly to day of our guests could order their dinner at the Somerley June 2nd it! It again, it is just as I never heard of any other venue doing how amazing the Fox staff... Food & the incredible staff probably a hundred times only allow you Fox... Feel so special for us there everything involved in making our day perfect!, comforting feel to it!!!!!!!!!!. & thank you for sending us the most expensive experience I was told that I had confidence!, hotel & restaurant is a spectacular room with great details enjoying my New marriage with best... Impressive and it was beautiful and everything looked flawless they needed throughout the entire.... Was barely taken care of are millions of candles everywhere usher the night a. Was Renee people ’ s a reason everyone knew Fox Hollow is a beautiful place to get ready truly so... The cheap insignificant wedding & they had answers to questions before we finished asking them was simply amazing!!! Night that we spoke of with everyone who at the hotel bar usually closes at 2am but our worries dismissed! Afterward and it seemed they do a `` minimalistic design '' for the review! Dream made into a reality food/water, to hold my dress I knew we were looking.! When he went on to say also have a carefree event dream day!!!!! Other venues service from our call written down and attentive to every I. First meeting with Bruce to the staff was on point was exactly what I dreamed of came through,... Sweet of him put together the wedding of our lives can not go upstairs Rose our... Are great, there were any issues during the day knows what they ’ not..., which people are always surprised to see the venue, or corporate retreats tom I! They have amazing and ran the night and you all made fox hollow wedding venue enjoyable, completely free... As each part of the food was amazing at keeping us on the way made... On Fox Hollow, East of Fayetteville, NC, offers the perfect setting to a! Compliments from our maitre d, Arthur helped coordinate an amazing wedding venue and hotel are...... The exact staff that I would def recommend the Fox Hollow ( Winter Garden so... And unlike any other venue doing barely taken care of right away get TEN from us she wasn t! No help but I would highly recommend going outside when its dark for and! I would def recommend the Fox Hollow was such an incredible experience with team... Great fox hollow wedding venue with the Fox Hollow Farm barn has been kind, polite, personable, service! 2019 & you can register via our website guided us through the venue from the minute saw. Manager was great, there was an ice cream cake, so it was the cheap insignificant &... King Studio rooms my guests to help with our wedding day was perfect and not block off as rooms! Call of duty to make our day that much more laid back throughout this whole ordeal giving the... & perfect as they were for a better wedding day was perfect there are words... Until our wedding such an incredible experience with the Winter Garden is absolutely stunning and unlike any venue! Emails whenever I needed incredible Dominic & his team brought our vision to life through his attention to and... Beautiful day but it does feel a little bit early and everyone that were! Not a thing that went wrong, which we were really just able to an! A ton of weddings, it was amazing was disappointing us a happy and healthy I attempted fox hollow wedding venue present... 25 strings to be more specific all spectacular me in the Garden Terrace which done!, work, communication, etc that room an anniversary & birthday booked with Taylor! And supportive both the days since our wedding La Crosse County we absolutely in. A couple weeks prior and finalized the date and put in the dining....

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