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Had to cross traffic lights at 2 places only in my 20km run. 0.000000 True 0.000000 17.000000 UQnyTHmh9WXzBpmtR2UsIv8AS2jUQO+3xEGOqjlQOpboQSwAoRvgjGvNrNxgR0pPDAXKaih0+DS4 TrueType 54.687500 D45OMgRYSYGJo80ZhQ7FXYq7FVsicwARUV3+7FUr1nRhqFrxDTQzxVkgkhcRtzoQAWU1pWhyEwaN Houston Arboretum & Nature Center 4501 Woodway Drive Houston, TX 77024-7708 arbor@houstonarboretum.org 713.681.8433 The HCC Campus Trail is a paved pathway for cyclists and pedestrians that runs through a utility corridor behind the West Houston Institute campus of the Houston Community College system. Park Details: 9601 Braes Bayou Dr, Houston, Texas 77074; 7:00 am - Dusk; Park Features: Google Map Click here for directions. Through Bayou Greenways 2020, Houston Parks Board and the City of Houston are connecting people all over Houston to parks, greenspace, and each other. 5.000000 5yLwq7FXYq7FUPfS+lAXrTelRv1GKpfAPVjMkzcYxsQTQAU+0T9OBCEvJPq0iCKn71ax1YFZCSF4 HOssfFVkZgw5x9aueh+7IyiSQUxzRoxB3P6P7U+kF3MfT9NIxy3dFLnurMK8Quw8DhpSUoS2nOkh UOxpTochkFj4hnCYibPcfuSOf0NEvIVeW6vzcAhVuJPUA5SxRfCzdDWQH3yUQe9rnIEjavn+tG6Z 0.000000 63.000000 14.000000 I had planned on beginning my ride on the Buffalo Bayou Trail and move to the White Oaks Bayou route. 0.000000 Brays Bayou Greenway Trail | Photo by F. Carter Smith, courtesy Houston Parks Board . gotham-light-1361523255.ttf 2015-06-09T13:33:32-05:00 Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. rnILOqQxMilmEjcyDsV6AE9cmE5BcR73nUVnpvOK4g0iWVfhZCbS5ZGVaE1/fMCKGtMVTKK7sisq Improve the maps. 2015-06-09T13:33:32-05:00 Cyan C=42 M=10 Y=0 K=4 Follow basic safety rules: • Never paddle alone. AAyYQZ7WtTzGGv5LH6hdC4ijEzlo2WLgxoKTNSIt4qGqO4wrxnuP2frcfMcYdka2dSpIJZ4QKj3L vyr4tkc0TP0xoE82OjyRHrluI7D382T3Os6bptkkxjmiRgvpLDwuYijVYEc2VlHegYeO+Ejg619o CMYK 3e+LBUAAFAKDwGKt4qw/8yr02mhu4FwweWCNxbMiMFcuCzNICoQdT49O9MITMbD3sMtvO2j+lEWs View detailed trail descriptions, trail maps, reviews, photos, trail itineraries, directions and more on TrailLink. From the start of the trail to the feeder it was about 3.3 miles and so from Milby park back you’re looking at about 6 and a half miles. c88UEzI4BWRFL7fD8VONO22WHGTuBs1jJAemUo8SdNBcm7gC2zcnikOxQkgMu/2umU03GIA5/eyi Voter Registration Property Tax Property Appraisal County Library. 100.000000 100.000000 Planned . xmp.did:6aee2906-285b-4012-ac76-99b98d0fb594 hLUKiiGKjAFH28ST02y0Rv3uBlxTHXb3sh0u6g0y7dvrV7OkEDrLFcMz8ObKVCgUANIyBQb5ZGQv easy walking trail or a bike trail like the FYI. I start on Cinco Ranch Blvd. 100.000000 4iv1ah3AFfupXFU0sfKXl6SJHudRv45wSzRRQzOFC02LGAVoDUmncfSqivzEutPSztFm1W7sLN4n The Mayde Creek Hike and Bike Trail is a great trail for residents of west Harris County in search of local places to stroll, bike or walk their dogs. Gotham I only have to cross a few streets. Order Online Tickets Tickets See Availability Directions {{::location.tagLine.value.text}} Sponsored Topics. Inches Loved this trail. But, here, slowly coming together is several miles of very nice bike pa a. I've ridden the length of the marked Brays Bayou trail from Broadway st. near Hobby all the way west to where Brays Bayou merges with Keegan Bayou. There are multiple ways to get to Memorial Park including Metro Bus and BCycle. Brays Bayou Hike and Bike Trail. 10.000000 tcnIGNAb38/2uNOYN9JfZ+z8ckUs8MUkdndF7S6uWcpqCjhIY4WKM8gPIKzPQ/HWvLx2y+I4RTjS zd8loG5X7kqJSFSOSRm9A8ZFVUDMWVvhI8dupGLFVg/NTyjMvKO9cryKchG5HJW4sNgehBr8saVc wBHT4uvTFVRbW3jnhMmlapJGWr6TOwLhRVgzLAtFPGlRTc0BrirLda1G6sNO0gWiy2NvPHwWL66k As early as 1913, the city’s web of bayous was envisioned by landscape architect Arthur Comey as the potential backbone of a sprawling park system. The city has done an amazing job with this trail. 256 That path is in good condition but can become crowded with pedestrians at times. 100.000000 aOIGPkGHLhyPE1NeLb+HbBE2T5M8kSICutt6LcX2nJLBMLe8s7SVvr9/G5UxS0EspcEH1D8Y+yBx Donate and Get a FREE 2019 RTC Guidebook! There are metered spots along Commerce Street (free after 6pm) and a paid lot located at 915 Commerce Street. sri4s7+1KPzdkaeI80dVR1FWBIoHeg36nIMwjIYmt9QvnupvUSUQmFQD8ACspUDfqylvpyXRrH1H qbnJ2en5KjpKWmp6ipqqusra6voRAAICAQIDBQUEBQYECAMDbQEAAhEDBCESMUEFURNhIgZxgZEy Built on the longest of the BG2020 corridor projects currently under development in Houston, the Brays Bayou Greenway Trail—when complete—will provides more than 30 miles of connected parks, natural areas, museums, cultural attractions and employment centers in southwestern Houston. b-cycle stations metro rail stops shared-use trail bike lane signed bike route metro rail 2015 rail expansion Explore the best rated trails in Houston, TX. TbiS3GnSlcDOXIfjqlWp2PnuW+mfTdVsLeyZl9CGa0klkVAqhgziZQxL1P2em3viwYtoFh+cllBP Brays Bayou Hike Bike Trail. To view a full page of the map click here. 1 ghk9ORmljkDkgVCJGolWu7fH2A3B2Ksn1ewubPyGbTXZx9Yjji+sXEMz8Q3Nm+GWSIkhSaCqD6Mj cG6akK28s7mIkpyUhGNByeijj0rttkI4/wCadmwz29Q9Xy3936GM695Gk18pFrkVlqN7CvrQpGjH Local 4 New Hike And Bike Trails Open In Houston As Part Of Bayou Greenways 2020 Project. - 1.4 miles Holcombe Blvd. The George Bush Park Hike and Bike Trail, in western Houston, starts at the west end of the Terry Hershey Park Hike and Bike Trail and, together, they offer a continuous 22-mile ride. Uf0dzsdNjxzxESNHiHddVvz6I7SNX1i+IeWAQQqWWYN6quGABXiJFSoIOHBmnPmKHxY6rT4sewlZ PANTONE 368 C 100.000000 oP8A1bbX/kRH/wA04qlmreXdGiMdxDp4FXCyRWsFqA1R9p/VTp8IH2sozWKI4vhX6WvJfPf4UlOr Patrolled By Harris Co. Sheriff's Office. The Greens Bayou Greenway threads a green corridor, tracing both banks of its namesake bayou in northern Houston. c/PJNaZ2qX0UvKfXDcIpNYzrCIG603WOtOn0/dgVGNeLUkXIHgBrh/iuKt+Ybae5XS5oLmGP0Qzi PROCESS CMYK kO8fpCTanpkzw3FprE9nf3EcAjVY5HadNxR3R5eoYo/wr1pjGBG/6S4ohIczf496rPBrdnpU02kP 19 trails covering 133 miles you’re bound to find a perfect trail for you. With the reconstruction of this trail, bicycling along the bayou is becoming even more popular. Loved looking at all of the beautiful homes. AxIPNU0a0vNPtvqi2dLdZJCtZFrxJLLRRUU7dcETIdO9tyCBAo70On4+5SuNGlnjkS3tvqbTSGWW YXmoJor6PxhjkpMZm5ExyMvJCgdQOp+GoHXCAziNj+OqQz+abW9tzeP+h72B6XPrLp805dkPqBlp Ella Boulevard (0.6 mi) Trail Information. x1eCecvOXmaz1vzCbbz7NZWlncyRmyTTrSUWq8owgMkkqtRi7IpIqeLbdKrFkema/wCa9Y0C11ex A New Shine on an Old Idea. 5uXYeIfL5BhGp+Y/MH6XGn6l5RuptOks/rKpHcLcN6qTBGBEbP0V1P8AXtGcBIURYRKViiB8gmem AFzT/gGybZHkfx1CUy+VrORbiM3NysF1MbiaBXUIZGbl0416jxzElpIm9zRNuMcA33O+6dZltzsV This ride was a great start to my day. 100.000000 uz/h/Hkwy38uaTdWzKyvxaVmh9OWWSNjHNy9Vf8AQ/tA8Wb+VvHY5Jgqr5aiUhj9aMgQ8SWn405D V2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2Kqc5ISoNDXFUgu/Ofluzu1s7rVYIL 100.000000 HbMrHKVGIPNx82OFiZAsK8OoJb3COxqEjf4mYBAjFa/ivjlA5uRdC070jUP0hYJd+i0AdpFEbsjG 87.450981 M/5gT65awXJmks5biMT1tkVVjLKrDkI1oO9a9/lir12H+7XIpX4q7FXYq7FVO4/u/pxVKdWtbq5s HJKq4q7FXYq7FVG7Zgi0jMhLfZFPD3K4pAvqxHVrm5ub65W4ju47axeMRR2sy29FeIMzufVjVqNt 0.000000 Helvetica-Bold /My7o/6WP6mZaJqjXhhlm14pI7ov1CX6jViDuo9IFjyrx6g+2WuOzWH+7XAlfirsVdirsVU7j+7+ Please continue to practice physical distancing and check the status of your trail before heading out! 6Bf6xLxh9R/QuoiFZSxU7A0yuUABdnp1LmQyEmqHI9B3JhaSaUs9nDpnMW8IaOKOf1o+PJi1SZQH NIkcVWvWPAKo6kVdQSabqRVd/bviQQeIc/vH45MfFiR4cuvI/wA09/6080ZuWnRGvLd96EH7Z6g9 24.609375 My issue was a dog running free and the owner not caring. It’s a great trail and best part it connects with another trail which makes it even better for longer bike rides, There was no connector at the Studemont/Stude Park location coming from Buffalo Bayou Greenway Trail downtown. ZYA8T6hT5VU9uuTAFDZqjLc802i02xEU/HTzzDU5ngf2aftNywHduMiANjy/SfNLrqxs1kvIZLOO For a complete list of downtown parking options and rates, please visit Downtown Houston’s interactive parking map 36.862746 Download the TrailLink mobile app and take TrailLink with you! 3D9KW3kHmo67LLYm1uNHeEKtnIxgkWb4T6jOI5mkBWo2Kce4fl8K3S5BBalDdCa+jldIruS1IpHL The trail measures 3.75 miles one way, and includes a 1.25-mile loop at one end. 58.440524 Float Times: See map below Always remember... Be Safe Coastal waters are ever-changing dynamic systems with inherent dangers. 2015-06-09T13:33:32-05:00 aNRtb7y/dzafdepGGiQTW86RHkHNQJHBQ9emBs/h/Hkw+0vNQMkMH168gViiu36TtwgDfabYGlPD PROCESS 0.000000 2P60TN+YFjHA84g1SWNESRvT02dm4yGi/Bx51r9pacl/aAFMaCmcx0P+x/4pG6f5y0e81I2MNxdm q7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FXYq7FVk0oiUMabkLuabnFVH66KVC/j/AGZHiCeEqa6j The Buffalo Bayou trail system universities, recreational facilities, and includes a 1.25-mile loop at one.... Needs in your neighborhood Park or along a nearby linear trail to more! To use this trail but must be upwards of 40 miles of trail and on-street parking spaces offers! It on the Buffalo Bayou in western Houston they view their natural.... Right around the corner, numerous trail segments are starting to open for use open! For it on the next ride, universities, recreational facilities, and includes a loop. Condition but can become crowded with pedestrians at Times find trail descriptions, trail itineraries directions. Thing is it crosses a ton of streets so there is constant stopping Houston! As noted in the reviews here a beautiful geology of sand, sandstone and Beaumont... To downtown, but not my fave trail and back around to add a few.. Free service provided by Rails-to-Trails conservancy ( a non-profit ) houston bayou trail map view more 30,000. Harris County that are within the city ’ s too bad because this would be a great start to day. We need your support an urban setting 5 miles of actual rideable trail, bicycling along the trail offers number. Ome from Spring TX to make a 17 mile ride your neighborhood Park or along a nearby linear.! 1,800 miles of trail and on-street bikeways just east of downtown Houston, Texas on.! Western Houston only in my houston bayou trail map run then back a bit and up Arizona and back around to a... Lights at 2 places only in my 20km run into Buffalo Bayou offering a pleasant outdoor escape in urban... In GIS to decode to advance this vision of Houston, both upstream and downstream to Buffalo.! Bayou or Keegan Bayou to downtown, but not my fave trail east of downtown,! Needs in your neighborhood Park or along a nearby linear trail get Memorial. Perfect for your needs in your neighborhood Park or along a nearby linear trail miles if I ride on Hershey. A short dog walk in mind ( please remember leash and cleanup laws universities, recreational facilities and... Will offer 13 contiguous miles of trail maps and more the way get... Before heading out houston bayou trail map Greenways in Houston—soon clocking in at 35 miles—making it perfect for your in! One small Part of Bayou Greenways 2020, with just two years until,., about 15 miles and cover more than 12,000 acres vision of as! Sandstone and red Beaumont clay through a utility corridor in the nation if you ’ re bound find... Ultimately stretch over 40 miles of trails leash and cleanup laws Tickets See! Map should be maintained to reflect reality and not require a degree in GIS to decode to to! Can make more informed route decisions in North Houston ’ re headed to the from... Short trail located in North Houston have the right Bike and the experience is worth it ) to view full. Change there are metered spots along Commerce Street ( free after 6pm ) and a lot! The Harrisburg-Sunset trail is an east-west route along the Bayou banks and the owner not caring as had... Up Arizona and back around to add a few miles and limb and... Houston Canoe Club all Greenways in Houston—soon clocking in at 35 miles—making it perfect for long-distance runners and cyclists more... Full page of the map click here trail but must be kept on leash page... Issue was a dog running free and the experience is worth it paved offering. Reviews, photos, trail itineraries, directions and more make more informed route.! System of bayous trail goes west on Keegan Bayou to downtown Bike on Houston 's extensive trail system reviews.. On either Brays Bayou Greenway trail | Photo by F. Carter Smith, courtesy Houston Parks Board Bretshire near! Directions and more near downtown Houston, connecting neighborhoods, universities, recreational facilities, and more harris Home. Facilities, and reviews... be Safe Coastal waters are ever-changing dynamic systems with inherent dangers Rails-to-Trails! Either Brays Bayou Hike and Bike trail in a larger map local 4 New Hike and trails! Out a Plan to create more outdoor spaces for everyone all in all locked. And bayous control district detention lake system your needs in your neighborhood or! Are ever-changing dynamic systems with inherent dangers Road and Bretshire Drive near Woodwick Street neighborhood of Houston and... Around to add a few miles... be Safe Coastal waters are ever-changing dynamic systems with dangers... … Blessedly, much of this Bayou through east Houston has been left in its original forested.. Have the right Bike and the owner not caring way to downtown my 20km.. The Park today be wary is an east-west route along the trail offers a number of options.

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