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iQ401k offers a robust “open architecture” retirement plan services platform that is ideal for small to mid-size medical practices, such as dental groups, radiology groups, anesthesiology groups, etc. Thanks And there's not a lot you can do about that other than if you find out it happened you can then take legal action against them. However, some people are willing to pay a little bit of extra money for the feeling of owning their own house, for the ability to paint their walls without having to talk to the landlord, to redo the landscaping, that sort of stuff is worth a certain amount of money to them. So, with bad behavior it really doesn't matter what the math shows. Your heirs will really appreciate that. Thank you. Let's get some of your questions. I just wish I’d done more Roth conversions when I left or that the Roth TSP had been available back then. It's a great opportunity. Don't do anything with it inside that traditional IRA. Otherwise, you will owe additional taxes on the conversion. The longer the time frame, the more the investments have the opportunity to grow, making tax-free withdrawals in retirement all the more valuable. They also, assuming they had a retirement plan at work, could not deduct their traditional IRA contributions. Dr. Jim Dahle: I am also payed via 1099 by the hospital for extra call and I assume I could open a solo 401k and make the maximum 37k contributions as after tax contributions. You will see occasional promotional and sponsored material from The White Coat Investor. That's bad. So if we pay her less money, our 199A deduction shrinks proportionally. Option 3 is probably not a good option if you plan to do backdoor Roth contributions in the future, since you will run afoul of the pro-rata rule that WCI mentioned, and depending on your state's laws, you may also lose creditor protection for your retirement account in the event that you get sued. In the end we did pay her the max 401K/Roth IRA contribution salary (now $39K), since we are super savers. Convert the non-deductible traditional IRA to a Roth IRA by … That can be a difficult decision. Again, you need to run the numbers for your own situation, I just think it a rare case where you want to pay more employment tax to get increased down-the-road social security benefit. The big problem now, however, was that the Vanguard individual 401(k), at least the off-the-shelf version, doesn't allow after-tax employee contributions or in-service conversions/rollovers, the two features necessary to do a Mega Backdoor Roth IRA. Maybe I am overthinking it…..That $56K is taxable money, so eventually when you do your tax return, the $56K gets lumped in with the rest of your taxable income, from which you determine “taxes due.” So I guess it doesn’t matter whether the money to cover those taxes was included in her W-2 income or instead came from one of your other buckets of income……is that right? And so, we did. Interesting post though and I appreciate you sharing your insights with us. I don't know. I actually find it pretty amazing how many ways this can be screwed up. You could only do a post tax contribution up to your amount of side hustle or 1099 income, correct?. Think about it. So that we'll know to figure these out in other circumstances, when presented to us in the future. Home / WCI-1. Although if it's tax deferred money, you'll owe taxes on it at your marginal tax rate. iQ401k is a White Coat Investor recommended retirement plan services provider. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You have to get the behavior right first. Most video recordings are legal with or without consent. They are adorable, and hanging out with them brings back all the wonderful feelings from the honeymoon phase of discovering personal finance. However, if you lose money in the account, it really makes your tax paperwork complicated because now you've got more basis than you actually had a conversion. PGY4 trying to get finances in order finally and looking to open a new Roth IRA and max it out at $6000 for the 2020 tax year. I’ve read/heard of a number of places to open a Roth but wanted to see if anyone had recommendations based on experience. Refinancing versus not refinancing. What that allowed people to do was contribute money to a traditional IRA, which isn't deductible, and then convert that money the same day or the next day to a Roth IRA. And the goal for that was to keep us from chasing some hot asset class or doing something stupid we would later regret. Just leave the money in cash. However, over the last few years as The White Coat Investor has seen unexpected financial success, more and more I have found myself looking at our tax-deferred contributions and wondering if we were doing the right thing. If so, then you may wish to avoid employer tax-deferred contributions to your i401(k) as it would lower your 199A deduction. High earners prior to 2010 could not contribute directly to a Roth IRA. But just looking at the tax-protected accounts, we've gone from sheltering $163K to sheltering $199.5K. Nicole: Dr. Jim Dahle: It's $7,000 if you're over 50. Dr. Jim Dahle: This is White Coat Investor podcast number 194 – The backdoor Roth IRA made easy. And so, all the rules about contributions apply to the first step and all the rules about conversions apply to the second step. My understanding is that this is functionally a mega backdoor Roth option. There are a few steps to the backdoor Roth IRA, but before we get into those, let's talk about the backdoor Roth IRA. Every year there seems to be new ways to mess it up. The lower, the better. It is worthwhile to check your form to ensure you did not do this. Let's take a listen. But we did make provisions that if something changed and we wanted to add another asset class, we could make those changes. You can just name beneficiaries so that money doesn't go through probate. So, your situation has nothing to do with your spouse's situation. What percentage of your portfolio do you reserve for "play money"? So what's the solution? But make sure you understand the tax consequences before using this strategy. For example, let's talk about buying versus renting. Also available on Audible! Dr. Jim Dahle: So, I hope that's helpful. For IRA distributions, see Publication 590-B, Distribution from Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs), or this chart of required minimum distributions to help calculate the required minimum distributions. If you do $10k/year for mega backdoor Roth and $5k for ESPP, after you sell the ESPP shares from the first round you can raise the contribution for mega backdoor Roth back to $15k/year. Neither the 403(b) or the 457(b) have Roth options. As discussed in a previous post, the Section 199A pass-thru business tax deduction has forced us to revamp a large part of our financial lives. But this is the sort of thing if you do it really quickly, a lot of times they will let you adjust that stuff. Recipient is responsible for any federal, state, or local taxes associated with receiving the bonus offer. Dr. Jim Dahle: You can do it. We’re putting $112K a year in there and rolled over hundreds of thousands as well, so $125/year is basically a rounding error for us. That includes rollover IRAs, as well as set by IRAs and simple IRAs. So maybe you can take advantage of that to address your situation. So, she's got a long life ahead of her, hopefully, and I'm not sure if I should send her to a financial advisor or an accountant or both. The conversion is tax-free because you can't get a deduction for the contribution. The conversion is tax-free because you can get a deduction for the contribution. Cost of ownership between a Tesla and a gas car. Dr. Jim Dahle: And that's mostly due to the assistance of my staff that helped with that. Dr. Jim Dahle: Avoid the preparation issue. Dr. Jim Dahle: I was looking to transfer my 401k somewhere else to do aftertax contributions. So we want to pay her as little as possible while still being able to max out that account and justify the salary to the IRS. Dr. Jim Dahle: I'm not sophisticated enough. Dr. Jim Dahle: But if you do it right away especially during the same calendar year, a lot of times they'll go, “Oh, no problem. Bogleheads® is the title adopted by many of the investing enthusiasts who participate in this site. It's always easier to plug companies that I actually use. Remember Vanguard's IRA and Vanguard's solo 401(k) doesn't allow IRA rollovers. Remember the second thing you're supposed to do is to leave the money in cash. In the ER people want to record stuff all the time. Roll that money into a 401(k) or 403(b) so you don't get prorated. Of course, you don't come out ahead financially doing that. Dr. Jim Dahle: You're doing a great job saving. We were only getting a 37% * 80% = 29.6% deduction. Dr. Jim Dahle: Disclaimer: Now, if you made the mistake of just leaving it all in cash, well, that's unfortunate. That would be not reasonable. We can do whatever we want with our life now. Some families are agreeable to stop and to delete the video recording, but other family members are not. So, if you got nothing in there at the end of the year, when you do the conversion, then there's nothing to be prorated, right? It's really simple. If you can use one, use it, but most of us have to fund it through the back door or indirectly. Put it in a traditional IRA. Dr. Jim Dahle: But if this is something that really bothers you a lot, maybe it's time to stop doing healthcare in people's homes and to move into an office-based practice.

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