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I have not fished Smallmouth Bass in many a year. Filed under: Locations | Tagged: catfish. New Monocacy Scenic River Water Trail Map. Preferred baits include tubes, stickbaits, soft jerkbaits and 3/8- to 1/2-ounce spinnerbaits, with crankbaits also producing occasionally. I threw a silver-sided rapala, and got one bite, but didn’t land anything. Long fishes mostly the lower river and recommends a 10-mile stretch near Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Wash. "This area produces large fish, good numbers and has less impact from runoff and fluctuations from the upriver dams. Measuring up to 10 miles wide in places, it is the drain for the greatest source of freshwater on the planet — the Great Lakes. Get best fishing times with lunar fishing calendars, Daily Limit: Robertson blooms after gloom, Small crankbaits can heat up cold water fishing, Nominations open for 2021 Bassmaster High School All-Americans, B.A.S.S. In short, this is heaven on earth for smallmouth anglers. Equipped as light weight as possible; a good pair of waders, polarized shades, a small bag for our favorite tackle and a waterproof camera, bare to the bone, ready to go. flyrod, poppers and wet flies. If anything, these guys are out there to take care of what we have. Box 429, Fincastle, VA 24090. A guide to light-tackle and flyfishing in the DC metro area. This video is unavailable. Along its lower stretches, dams provide about 40 percent of the nation's hydropower. Some, of course, are better than others. This is the Place for Fisherman, conservationists and well being of the Beautiful, free flowing Delaware River. All of us, as fishermen, need to take part in keeping our streams and rivers free from debris and pollution. "In the first part of May, the water tends to be cooler, slightly stained and higher, and the fish are still in their pre-spawn patterns. It’s certainly an angling experience not to be missed. Natural bait is abundant in the area, including several types of minnows, crayfish, hellgramites, salamanders, and a large variety of insects. Much effort has been made by several different organizations to maintain the quality of this stream. The Monocacy is a fantastic river. It is noted for its spectacular gorges and many rapids. To start viewing messages, select the … Aggressive Techniques for River Smallmouths. Hit the water with these modified trout fly tactics to hook dog-day bronzebacks My next Monocacy River expedition will be from the Lily Pons bridge to the Potomac River. The creek has sections of … ", "Like the fishing, weather on the New River can be very unpredictable," says Stoudenmire. Alternate names for this stream include Quattaro River, Monockasey Creek and Monoccasy River. Gaining knowledge of the area you intend to fish beforehand will help you catch more and larger fish. Fly fishing for smallmouth bass on the New River can be simply fantastic!From mid-river feeding flats to shady bank cover to rocky-cobbled runs, the New River has ample structure to target big, mature (18"+) smallmouth effectively on the fly. Rondef, Every year i fish the Monocacy for smallies and never go as far down as Micheals mill rd., but have done pretty good there tho. Water is wadeable in many places so feel free to get out of the boat and cast; bring a lunch as there are many nice places to stop. In short, this is heaven on earth for smallmouth anglers. Watch Queue Queue It was raining by then. As an example, anglers can wade portions of New York's North Branch, with its gently sloping gravel bottoms — and below Binghamton, they can fish from bass boats. In the Tennessee River waters near Chattanooga anglers are only allowed to keep one smallmouth per day that must be a minimum of 18 inches long. And while an angler catches smallmouth, he can relax to enjoy the scenery as well. Tackle shops in towns such as Clayton and Alexandria Bay sell charts, while the Clayton 1,000 Islands Chamber of Commerce (800-252-9806) offers free fishing brochures. 80). I was wondering if anyone been catching smallmouth yet on the Chagrin? PROVISIONAL DATA SUBJECT TO REVISION. "The most unique feature of this river is the versatility created by the different types of water and cover throughout its length," says Pat Long of Snake River Guide Service (509-751-0410, In this river that averages two miles wide, the following rank among his favorite locations: the entrance to the river between Cape Vincent, N.Y., and Kingston, Ontario; the areas east and west of the 1,000 Islands bridge, in the sandy bays and mid-river shoals; and from Cornwall, Ontario, west to Ogdensburg, N.Y., fishing points with current and isolated rocks in the bays. ", Ken Schultz, author of the Fishing Encyclopedia, adds that an area of the North Branch in Bradford and Wyoming counties "is a delightful stretch for float fishing. Most think we are crazy, but to us, we wouldn't think of doing it any other way. The long, rugged Snake offers anglers a variety of smallmouth habitat, ranging from reservoirs such as Brownlee, to moderate and free-flowing waters, to rapids raging through Hells Canyon. They were small, but it’s early in the season, and their numbers bode well for a productive June, through September on the river. But this also is the river of 100-fish days, and the river where rumors of double-digit bass persist. A good spinning rod and reel with fluoro or braid and a tube is hard to beat 3 RIVER-SMALLMOUTHS COMBOS Guide Chad Betts with a chunky Muskegon River smallmouth. The gorgeous John Day River in Oregon remains the longest unfettered and un-dammed river in the United States. 14 in. This route – from Pinecliff Park to the Rt. Monocacy is an American Indian word meaning "river with many blends", and like many Indian place names it flows musically off the tongue when said. A wide variety of baits will fool aggressive bass during this time. As the only river that originates at the Appalachians and does not empty into the Atlantic Ocean, the New begins in northwestern North Carolina, near the towns of Boone and Blowing Rock. Posted on October 14, 2000. Stay tuned. Last month the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation in conjunction with several other local and state agencies released a new Monocacy River Water Trail Map. But, the amount of old tires and other trash in it, broke my heart. Rocky shoals and points around those islands are among the best places to find bass, Amos says, adding that sandy bays with pencil reeds also can be productive, especially during spawning season. I got turned onto smallmouth fishing last summer.It's a blast! A few days ago I got an email from one of my blog readers who wanted a recommendation for a  2 to 3 hour kayak float fish on the Monocacy River. "Five-pounders are not uncommon, with fish over 6 caught quite often. But, the amount of old tires and other trash in it, broke my heart. It is still common to see smallmouth cruising the sandy shallows. I didn’t know catfish took rapalas. Spring and late fall are the best times to hook up with big smallies, Hanford says, adding that a typical day on the river will yield 30 to 40 bass, with sizes ranging from 12 to 17 inches, and larger fish are always a possibility. kayakfisher. 550(which has a boat ramp) and take it all the way down to Biggs Ford Rd. He was a good guy. If you are a fly fisherman, it is also an excellent river for a 4 to 6 wt. Jul 05, 2019 - Monocacy River. Take trout for example. Flows are low and clear, major hatches have ended; the water has warmed so cold-water loving trout are lethargic. The water's low, fairly warm, and shallow rocks and boulders create riffles where the water's well oxygenated and the surface is disturbed, forming overhead cover. 80 bridge – is a leasurely 3 hours on the river with time alloted for stopping and casting. The water clarity was good. Discussion Starter • #1 • May 11, 2018. rapala, Lily Pons, Monocacy River, Potomac River, Rob Myers, smallmouth bass | Leave a comment ». I did not see anything interesting on the lower Monocacy near the confluence with the Upper Potomac. Monocacy River (MD - at Upper Potomac) Monday, July 20, 2009. With the Columbia containing little brush or woody cover, bass typically are found along ledges, points, bluffs, submerged islands and humps. "As the river begins to cool in the late fall and the river levels begin to rise, fishing in the midst of the vivid fall colors on the New River can be nothing short of sensational," says Stoudenmire, adding that quality bass of 2 pounds and more, likely will attack reaction baits, including spinnerbaits, crankbaits and topwaters. Delaware River Smallmouth. All of us, as conservationists, also have to take care of our ponds, our lakes and our streams. "But for those who aren't afraid to battle cold weather, harsh winds, high water and even occasional snow, the late winter and early spring typically produce the best numbers of 4-pound-plus fish.". There is a picture of the put-in and kayakers on my blog post for, August 4 – Float Fishing on the Monocacy River, August 2 – Fishing with Jonah at Black Hill Regional Park, June 21 – Chincoteague and Assateague Island, Virginia, June 14 – Flyfishing at Green Farm Park Pond, June 3 – What’s Cooking? Monocacy River is a stream located just 5.7 miles from Poolesville, in Frederick County, in the state of Maryland, United States, near Monocacy (historical), MD. "The best stretches I have found are from Sunbury to City Island (Harrisburg)," says guide Pete Hanford. As far as equipment goes, all you need is an ultra light rod and reel with 4 to 6 lb test line a few rapallas #CD03 silver, some spinner baits (Meps), and Jigs. Undercurrents: Beginning as a trickle from an ice field in the mountains of Canada, the Columbia is one of the nation's most visually stunning rivers, highlighted by the Columbia River Gorge. My neighbor Rob and I headed out in a canoe on Memorial Day to do some fishing on the Monocacy River –  the strains of “Deliverance” notwithstanding! Re: Monocacy River -- good for fishing? in Frederick, County. It also presents a variety of cover and overall more consistent water conditions," he says. He spends more time on the water than any guide I know. On the other hand, Long adds, "The entire stretch from Lower Granite Dam to a little above the mouth of the Grande Ronde (about 65 miles) will produce consistent catches of good fish.". River Smallmouth Bass Fishing. In summer, smallmouth bass commonly spread throughout miles of small, shallow rivers - a few here, a few there. Fresh Whole Fish. "The fish will really begin to feed after the first week of frost," he says. The North Branch rises in New York, and is regarded by some as an extension of the main river. "Fishing is good all summer and fall, with the edge going to the first two weeks of the season (last week of June and first week of July) and September," says Doug Amos of 1,000 Islands Guide Service. Summer is the perfect time to chase river smallmouth bass. Possibly no other river yields more 20-pound limits of smallmouth bass than does the St. Lawrence. We also caught quite a few smallmouth bass. Glad to see the smallmouth bass. It’s kind of a tough put-in, but it works ok for a canoe. River fishing is tough for some species in August. I'm a wading fisherman as I'm boatless and fish the river from the Lambertville area north.So far I've caught them with twister tails on leadheads and spinner baits. RiverSmallies river smallmouth bass fishing forum. 1; 10; Details; May 05, 2017 Jon Giacalone 0. The Monocacy River, Pipe Creek and Potomac River are popular fishing spots for Carroll County smallmouth bass fans. Catching river trout in August can be difficult, but not so with smallmouth bass. Wading the Monocacy River- Smallmouth Bass Fishing - YouTube 1 talking about this. I plan on spending alot more time this year fishing for them. Between MD 77 and Creagerstown. Smallmouth Bass with a Z-Man Swimbait. The Potomac River in the area of the mouth of the Monocacy River, near Dickerson, Maryland, is a fine place to fish for Smallmouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Carp and several species of panfish. convenes summit to discuss national conservation issues. Regardless of what species of fish we go after and the type of water to be fished, whether it be pond, lake, or river, we usually have a game plan to at least get us started toward success. Signed copies are available for $15 from Bruce Ingram, P.O. Kayak fishing in Maryland. Membership Includes 1 Year Bassmaster Magazine, Plus $50 in free gear. Undercurrents: The mighty St. Lawrence begins at the outflow of Lake Ontario, surging 775 miles to the Atlantic Ocean. "The New also sports a number of major rapids, especially in the West Virginia Gorge, where Class III- to IV-plus rapids exist. Eight Rules of Flyfishing for Late-Summer Smallmouths . Long prefers mid-March through May for big smallies, and the summer months for numbers. Curtis Toms. Smallies! It was still a fantastic trip though, with 10 fish landed, and many strikes. JOIN TODAY! Green pumpkin tubes, camo and melon/red flake Senkos, white soft jerkbaits, chartreuse spinnerbaits, and hard jerkbaits in firetiger and shad are preferred lures here. With shoreline ranging from pastoral to rugged and wildlife abounding, few places look as spectacular under a bright blue sky as the Columbia. Looking to create a finesse jig for river/creek fishing and could use to input. The Monocacy is a fantastic river. While the St. Lawrence is steeped in history throughout its length, the 52-mile-long section known as the 1,000 Islands is probably the most famous for bass fishing. The Susquehanna is one of the nation's most accommodating smallmouth rivers. You just have to pick a stretch and really fish it thoroughly. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. "In summer and fall, most fish relate strongly to the current in 5- to 20-foot depths," the Washington pro says. We put-in at  Rt. In the summer, some people have caught 100, 200, even 300 bass a day! Whether summer or fall, an angler not familiar with the fishery should make certain that he has a good navigation system and an accurate map before setting off in pursuit of these big smallies. From those selections, we compiled an unofficial list of the nation's top five rivers for smallmouth bass and top five for largemouth. It flows 1,200 miles through Washington and then along Oregon's border, before emptying into the Pacific Ocean. In Pennsylvania, anglers can run bass boats above Sunbury, while jet boats, kayaks, canoes and rafts are better choices downstream. Bruce Ingram, author of The New River Guide, adds, "Throughout its length across three states, the New has a strong undertow, the likes of which I have never seen in any other river. Monocacy River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Meanwhile, Hal Zimmerman prefers upper sections of the river in southern Idaho. It flows north along the border with Oregon and Washington, before joining the Columbia River near Pasco, Wash. Its impoundments are important sources of water for irrigation and hydroelectric power. We worked the many different holes on both sides of the river with one of us casting and one of us paddling. Good baits for Columbia River smallmouth include tubes, grubs, lizards and critter baits, in green pumpkin and watermelon. Zimmerman prefers late October into December for both quality and numbers of fish. A park ranger appeared and told me that there was no fishing in the park, and that there were no fish in the pond anyway because of the algae. Below that rapid is a very good 1/2 mile stretch of water for bass. "They will be found in typical holding places behind and along current breaks, on submerged humps and along the outer edges of flats and weed lines.". "That's a lot of miles. I would put in at Pinecliff Park just above the Monacacy Battlefield, and take out where the river crosses Finger Board Rd (Rt. More apologetic than anything else. Undercurrents: At about 410 miles long, the Susquehanna is formed by two main branches. Stay tuned. The Susquehanna's trophy potential became evident several years ago, when the New York Department of Environmental Conservation confirmed the catch of a 7-pound smallmouth in the North Branch. "Fifty- to 100-fish days can be had at the peak of the spawn.". Smallmouth streams follow, while the largemouth rivers will be revealed in the next issue of Bassmaster. got out to the river tonight after work and caught 13. they were 10 to 17 inches long. When I worked for the telephone company and I used to get to go on the road all over New England I would get to fish the White River in Vermont and I had some great fishing back then. Cedar Run is a surprising find tucked onto the southern boundary of the WMA. During the prespawn and spawn, flatter bays, backwaters out of current, and persistent westerly winds will produce. For those who like excitement with their world-class fishing for smallmouth bass, few rivers, if any, are better than the New. From the Columbia River in the west to the Susquehanna in the east, bass rivers abound. Your comments and questions are more than welcome. All of us, as fishermen, need to take part in keeping our streams and rivers free from debris and pollution. That's because the Columbia, unlike other smallmouth rivers, generally is easy to navigate, with water fluctuations rarely more than 1 to 3 feet. After we got the canoe in, it was a leisurely four-and-a-half hour paddle to the second bridge at Lily Pons. USGS 01643000 MONOCACY RIVER AT JUG BRIDGE NEAR FREDERICK, MD. Smallmouth Bass ... May 04, 2017 - Monocacy River. Image by Undercurrents: Home to Hells Canyon, one of the world's deepest gorges (7,900 feet), the Snake originates in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park, before swinging in a wide arc through southern Idaho. This page is for all those that fish, canoe and kayak the Monocacy River in Frederick County, Maryland. Aug, 29, 2016 - Monocacy River. The map covers the the Monocacy from the Route 77 bridge in Rocky Ridge to the confluence into the Potomac some forty river miles later. There are specific times when Elite Series pros turn to fast-action worming — here’s how they decide between the two most popular tail options. Smallmouth like rocky river floor habitats and seem to prefer this type of river floor to the sandy bottoms that are prevalent on the Lower Salmon River. Smallmouth - Merrimac Farms WMA (VA - Cedar Run) Monday, June 21, 2010. On its way to the north end of Chesapeake Bay, the river drains a large watershed within the Allegheny Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains. Mouth Of Monocacy Boat Ramp - This is a good ramp and a really good fishing area. For more information regarding seasonal patterns, as well as details about the river, check out Ingram's book. Conservation honors three with its highest award, B.A.S.S. "Most of the river is shallow, and you need a jet sled to navigate these areas, as a prop will not last long," he says. Because of the rain we’ve had in Maryland this spring, the water is still murky. And using a sled is well worth the effort. Some of the Columbia's best fishing can be found in the pools above Bonneville Dam, including The Dalles, John Day, and McNary, Pelletier says, adding that the 45 miles of free-flowing river from the dam to Portland also boast an excellent fishery. This is an easy streach of the river with minor rapids. "On a good day in April through May, it is not uncommon to catch 50 or more fish a day in the 2- to 4 1/2-pound range," says pro Renaud Pelletier. Lipless cranks, Speed Traps, Wiggle Warts, and spinnerbaits also will produce, as will topwaters early and late. Pools are short but can also produce walleye and muskies.". Such productivity, along with light fishing pressure, easy access and beautiful scenery makes this Canada-United States border river (for its first 114 miles) a favorite among tournament anglers. Started by Munkin ‎, 10-07-2020 08:11 PM 12 Posts . I am thinking it has to be at least 35 years at best. Estimated to have 1,000 fish per mile, it is also one of the top smallmouth bass fisheries in the country, based on quantity and quality of fish caught. "Last fall, my fishing partner and I sat in one hole and caught 30-plus fish with 20 in the 3-pound range and 10 at 4 pounds or better," he says. Along this stretch of the river there are many holes for large and small mouth bass, blue gill and sunfish; I’ve  even pulled a few catfish out of the river. You can go up the river about two miles or so the the Rt 28 bridge where there's an impassible rapid. Always wear a life jacket while wade fishing and float fishing. Even though it flows through a highly developed area, fly fishing Monocacy Creek can still be done in a very nice setting. A portion of the broad river between Canada and the U.S. really does have 1,000 islands, with sizes ranging from a few feet to several miles across and, if not properly prepared, a novice can become lost. In fact, the river is believed to be the oldest in the United States and second-oldest in the world. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. It flows north through Virginia to merge with the Gauley River in West Virginia, forming the Kanawha, and eventually reaches the Gulf of Mexico. I was surprised and pleased to see a clear trail that was both bike and hiker-friendly with easy access to the river. The shorter West Branch rises in western Pennsylvania and joins the North Branch near Sunbury. Cool shot! My next Monocacy River expedition will be from the Lily Pons bridge to the Potomac River. 80 there is a spot on the left hand side of the bridge going north to leave a car, and a fairly easy – slight incline – access out of the river. Here’s my response: Filed under: Locations | Tagged: Fingerboard Rd, float fishing Monocacy River, kayak, kayaking on the Monocacy River, Maryland kayak trip, Monocacy Battlefield, Monocacy River, Pinecliff Park | Leave a comment ».

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